Going on a picnic... think again


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Picnic was one of the simplest event for the family. You can go to a resort or just outdoors. Some families do the picnic in their backyard. When the mall came to town the picnic was almost forgotten because the mall was like a park where families would go to during weekends. In this pandemic era we can go back to the traditional picnic especially when your village has a clubhouse or a grassy expanse. Think about it.


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It sounds amazing but we dont usually go for picnics.Since things are changing i can someday try it with a friend.


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I remember going for picnics in nearby hilly meadows when I was in school. But then times changed, malls and multiplexes came to town and people started going there more than for any picnics.

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Lately we go outing to the local beach resort here to spend the New Year as a family.

It's already a family tradition that every January 1 we go an excursion to enjoy the fun and to strengthen our family bonding.

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