Have you tried the Air-BnB accommodation?


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My wife's sister and family went to Hongkong before the pandemic. They stayed in a condominium unit via Air-Bnb rental. It was cheaper than a hotel. However, when their unit got locked they had a problem in calling the owner. It took 4 hours before the unit was opened. The door lock was faulty and it had to be replaced. Fortunately the family was leaving on that day otherwise it would be a big disappointment.


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Air BnB properties are managed by private operators who have spare rooms in their home or separate specially built properties to be let out. It depends on how well they themselves keep their properties. So with some, you may have good experience while with others you may have negative experience. I had a good experience with an Airbnb room we rented out while visiting Mumbai in my own country. It is better to read customer reviews thoroughly before booking.


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I have never stayed at an Airbnb but I have heard of some good one in my country. I think you just need to research and book the best so you can have the best experience.Once I experience one I will be able to decide which one is better.

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