Having a discount card is a big privilege


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I have a senior card and my wife has a PWD (person with disability) card. We are both qualified to get a 20% discount on food in restaurants. My wife's eye grade is 700 and it was fortunate that someone said she is qualified for a PWD discount card. Whenever we eat out we always avail of the 20% discount plus the VAT exemption which totals to about 1/3 of the bill. Such a nice privilege that we have here.


Yes, I agree. A discount card is a big privilege because you would get a lot of savings. If you're a senior citizen here then it's standard, but if you're quite young then you must buy a discount card like in 711 or avail to join those discount clubs.


In my home country, senior citizens, single women, people with disabilities, indigenous people get the privilege card that will entitle them to get discounts in state-owned hospitals and travel fare. They can get up to 50 percent discounts on medical bills and 33 percent discounts on travel fare (bus and air travel); however, there are no provisions for discounts in a restaurant.

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