Having a root canal is expensive


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The root canal is very expensive because of the labor that the dentist provides. It is, however, a good way to save the tooth. When I was a high school student, my mother brought me to her friend dentist to check on my teeth. There were 3 or 4 bad teeth that needed root canal. when the first tooth was done, I promised not to have another root canal. It was painful so I preferred the bad tooth to be extracted. I don't think it is worth the pain to have a root canal. What is your stand on this issue?


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I've been going to for a few years now and I've been really happy with their work. They are a very professional clinic and really take the time to explain everything to you if it is necessary. Their office is also really clean and modern, which is a big plus for me and other patients. I think it is a great option for you here.


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Having a root canal can be a costly procedure, as it involves multiple visits to a dentist and the use of specialized equipment. The cost may vary depending on factors such as location and the complexity of the case.

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