Having vines on the fence


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Our neighbor had planted vines at the foot of the fence for the purpose of the vines to climb the steel fence. But eventually the vines had overtaken the steel fence that their frontage was covered by the fast growing vine. What the neighbor did at first was to trim the vine but it is of no use because it would grow again and faster the second time. My suggestion is to do away with the vine and just have the steel fence painted. Now the front of their home is nice to look at.


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I guess, you are into clean and tidy look for the fence. But I personally feel that fences overrun with flowering vines are very pleasing and beautiful to look at. Plus there is the added attraction of tiny, chirping birds fluttering in and out from those vines all day long. We have many houses here with fences covered with beautiful thunbergia or bougainvillea flower vines. They are a sight for the eyes in all seasons.

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