Higher Food Prices Ahead?


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The higher prices of food has been happening here since before Christmas of 2020. Consumers are always complaining of the price of pork and other meat, fish, vegetables and fruits as well. Our economy is down due to limited industries so it is understandable that prices will go up. The antidote is to be frugal in the way we spend especially with food. We now eat less meat and more vegetables so the expenses will not be a burden.


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Its the same everywhere in the world. Inflation, rising oil prices cause increased transportation, thereby increasing food prices everywhere. On top of that, changes in climate are causing disruption in normal crop cycles affecting production of food grains and other crops. We can take care of this to a little extent by eating only what is grown locally, that way, we can save some money as these foods are less likely to be expensive.


Well even before Covid-19 the prices of food has been rising steadily, so it's natural to expect that. The only thing we can do to save money is to limit ourselves buying those foods or switching to the foods that haven't increased yet in price.


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our country also experiences rise of prices.i dont se any point of them rising it just doest make sense because the quantity and quality is just the same i wish thing could change.


The rising cost of food is related to other economic activities. For instance, if the cost of gas goes high, food production cost also rises. (You need a tractor to plough your land, right). When the production cost goes high, the consumers also have to pay more. Over the years the production cost for the agriculture industry has gone up by many folds.

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