How do you eat your meal?


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In our culture we are rice eaters and the consumption for an ordinary person is 1 cup of rice in a meal. For big eaters they may need more than that. For me, eating 1 cup of rice is enough and sometime I cannot even consume all of it. Maybe it is in my habit to eat moderately and that is good because I do not need to spend more for my food. Besides, my health is better when I do not eat much.


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In India, our staple meals consist of rice and dal (pulses and lentils preparation with added spices), a sabji which is preparation of different types of vegetables with spices and condiments. The sabji is eaten with different kinds of flat, unleavened breads which are prepared fresh daily. To make these breads which are called roti/chapati/poli, different grains such as wheat, millets an sorghum etc. are used. While all these dishes are eaten in all Indian households, there are varying preferences for each depending on region. Coastal areas eat more rice but will eat breads at least once a day.

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