Is the computer game rewarding for the brain of the child?


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One old time friend asked me about the computer games because he knew that I do not approve of it. Computer games can be challenging to the player but I don't think it is rewarding and beneficial to the growth of the mental faculty. I would rather have my child play the traditional physical games than play the computer game. Aside from the brain development the eyes can also be damaged.


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Ahh! The most sensitive and annoying issue that parents face nowadays! I have read that occasional games might help in improving hand and eye coordination among the kids as well as help improve some mental aspect of the brain, like taking quick decisions in times of stress. But apart from that, I see no other benefit. Plus once kids are introduced to a game, they get addicted really fast which is quite damaging. Especially if the kids are hooked onto extremely violent games such as PUBG. They become very aggressive and violent themselves often.


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my child plays computer games regularly. I don't see anything wrong with that and I think it helps him develop and acquire new skills. his favorite game is csgo and he has had a lot of success with this game in a short period of time. I used the services of professionals on this website and it helped me choose the best settings for his computer. I am sure that my child gets a lot of pleasure from the gameplay and it makes me happy

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