Is your kitchen prepared for eventualities?


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If you are using an electric stove how would you cook when there is no electricity? If you are using gas and there is a shortage of gas how would you cook then? These are the simple questions that you need to have an answer because sooner or later there might be an incident that would affect your kitchen. If you have old newspaper then going back to the primitive times would be easy.


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You are very right in thinking that way.

In our rural home, we also use the natural way of creating a source of cooking food. We get woods and stones and we arrange the three stones and light the wood and we can cook that way. Then we put off the fire when the meal is ready.

We also have other sources of cooking food at our rural home. We have a kerosene stove, charcoal, gad cylinder and our store has many dried woods for emergency. I can say we are well prepared there.

In the city is a different case because we need to buy more gas and even pay for electricity.


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I do not have that problem since we have a LPG gas at home. These come in refill canisters, one of which is attached to my gas stove and another one as a standby. Once the canister attached to the stove is empty, I attach the other one and send in a request to replace the empty one which is sent to me within two days.

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