It is so lonely to be alone


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Pardon me for this drama. My point in this topic is to make people appreciate the family they have. My wife and I have no kids. But we were so happy living together that we didn't mind the lack of children. But when my wife died in 2021 that made me realize that I was alone by myself. I would wake up in the morning with no motivation. It is like I am a prisoner of my loneliness and sentimentality. Losing is part of life but until now I still cannot come to terms with the reality. Fortunately I am much better now than last year.


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Am sorry for that it is very painful to loose someone you loved and you were fond of. It's true living alone can be lonely at times I now get why we need a companion and why need to get married and all that. You can still enjoy the company of your friends once in a while so that you can feel better. I just hope things get better for you, you can also try buying a pet so that it can give you company in the house. I also have an auntie who lost a child when the child was just a few months old, at that time she had separated from her husband. Unfortunately her marriage didn't work out and I really imagine the pain she feels and the trauma of loosing a kid. I just hope she can find someone better to marry since she is still in her 30's and has a whole life to live.


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I'm really sorry for your loss. It must've been incredibly tough losing your wife. Your story hits home, showing how important the people we have are. Grief takes time, but glad to hear you're gradually feeling better. Reach out if you need to chat. 💙

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