Jewelry made of gold in social media


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I have noticed several friends in social media who are selling gold jewelry of rings, bracelets, etc. Their spiel is the value of gold that is not depreciated which means the jewelry you buy now is a good investment for the future. Maybe I can agree with that selling point. However, how can I be sure that the gold bracelet I would buy is certified to be 18 K gold? That is the problem now because it is not easy to evaluate the value of jewelry.


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It is better to buy gold from only those sources who can give you an authentic certificate regarding the purity of the gold. Otherwise, duping people with brass jewellery as god is quite a common practice.


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It seems that it is better not to buy gold through social networks if you do not know how to properly verify the authenticity of this metal. After all, there are a lot of scammers on the Internet who can sell fakes for the cost of the original. They could just make a good profile using services like in order for them to get likes and subscribers. So be careful and don't get fooled on the Internet

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