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I sometimes have a hard time getting to sleep.What do you do when you dont feel sleepy but you need to.


When I have difficulty in sleeping, I start meditating. meditation can help you get to sleep quickly. However, if, for some reason, you cannot meditate, use lavender oil on your pillow. lavender oil can help you to get sleep faster. having a warm bath and a glass of warm milk can also be highly beneficial


Lack of sleep doesn't really happen to me because I fall asleep easily, so I never really get that uncomfortable feeling that I'm not fully refreshed or recharged for the day.
I started my offline work so I have to juggle so many activities and it is tiresome most of the time. I am also awake most of the time cause I have a lack of sleep cause I am planning for the next few days activities so what I do is;

1. I exercise as most as I can cause I have to get enough rest cause of my next day's activities.
After a good workout, I am so tired that I have to rest I have sufficient sleep afterward, I also get rid of all the fatigue by working out.

2. I also try and get a nap whenever I can.
This helps me to feel so rejuvenated afterward and as much as I never got enough sleep the night before, I assume the nap is enough.


My brother experienced this to the point that he got some pills to help with his sleep. They were so strong that he found it difficult to get up in the morning after taking one.
Hi, pat? I have never loved over-the-counter drugs. They are so addictive and functioning without them is so hard.
I know in some cases you are prescribed by doctors some pills that you can take cause you may be experiencing insomnia and they are taken before bed.

I was in the hospital a while back and I have prescribed these pills cause of lack of sleep and depression but I realized I later couldn't sleep without them and they are highly addictive. They are so overwhelming that I used to have so much fatigue afterward.

Side effects are so many and are usually experienced after taking the medication.
They may include:

1. Dry mouth or throat
2. Change in appetite.
3. Drowsiness.
4. Headache
5. Impairment the
next day.
6. Unusual dreams.
7. fatigue experienced during the next day.

I would rather struggle than look for sleep with these pills.



I don't normally have trouble going to sleep but I find it hard to stay asleep and often wake in the night. I don't worry about it too much because I am retired so if I feel tired in the day I can take a nap. I only ever took a sleeping pill once in my life and that was the night before I was due to have a c-section. I must admit I had a fantastic night's sleep.
You are so lucky. I cannot afford to have a nap during the day. I just opened my salon and I am usually so busy. When I am idle without a customer, I would rather work online. I want to save so much so that I am comfortable when I retire.

For sleep, I usually suffer from Insomnia but I take it positively. I just get a chance to work more than waste time sleeping. I know people in the 1st tier country can work even two jobs just to make it in this life.

I usually stock up on herbal teas that I drink when I am suffering from Insomnia.


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Thanks for your suggesions am going to try some of them.I rarely take naps during te day unless am sick or just really really tired so i rely on the sleep i get during the night.


Lack of sleep, which is also known as insomnia, may be caused by stress or other medical complications. In case of such a situation, help should be sought to correct it.

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Lack of sleep or inability to fall asleep due to various reasons and you have mentioned some of them. I n my case I used to sleep 8 hours. During nighttime I only eat less dinner.

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