Letting the dog sleep in the bed of the owner


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Some dog owners let their dog sleep beside them in the bed. Our vet said that is not a good idea because the dog may be suffocated when the owner gets over the dog while asleep. Another issue is the flea and the tick that the dog might have. Having insects in the bedroom is bad not only for the dog but also for the humans. We have to take into consideration the hygiene at home especially with our pets.


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I know many people let the dogs have a free run of their house and the bedroom, even kitchen. One of my relatives owns a dog which is everywhere in the house, no area is restricted for him. Whenever I visit them, I can hardly stand the pervading, strong smell of the dog in the house. How can the owners stand this smell and even sleep with the dog in their bed is quite beyond me.


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It's all about the owner, I guess. As for me, I used not to let my dog on my bed. You know, I bought my first memory foam mattress, so I wanted to be the only one on it, lol. But then my friends from, who helped me buy it, told me that I could buy a special cover to let my dog in my bed. So, now my doggy is much happier because he's finally welcome on my bed. It seems that he likes the memory foam, too, xD. So it's the way we do it. I think we shouldn't offend our dogs because no one will be so devoted as they are.
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