Lifting weights require many eggs every day


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My nephew is into body building and I was surprised to know that he eats 10 eggs in a day. Aside from that he has a different diet although he also eats rice but more of tubers like yam, taro and potato. He also a lot of plantain banana. I really wonder why he needed so much different food from the usual that we eat here like rice and a dish of meat or fish plus vegetables. He said that his calorie needs is double that of a normal person.
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10 eggs a day? That's really shocking! Consuming 10 eggs a day sounds really dangerous than healthy.

But eating plenty of tubers is healthy. I might never understand what a body builder goes through, they really consume a lot to maintain their big muscles.


Eggs are my favorite. But I don't eat 10, around 2-3 daily. I realized that eggs are a unique source of protein and other nutrients. I support that they are ideal for bodybuilders. Conversely, they are also ideal, especially if one does not have another source of protein. I like my eggs fried and at times boiled. They ensure that I stay sharp and that my testosterone levels are at their peak. Besides, I always notice that eating eggs gives me thicker hair, and it makes my skin clear. At this point, I would say, long live the eggs

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