Making a comfort corner in the backyard


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I have a place in the backyard that I call my comfort corner. It is a folding chair that I use when I would eat a snack. Sometimes I would sit there when I am thinking of a big issue that I needed a quiet place. Having a comfort corner helps me fight off the budding stress especially when someone had made me angry. People in our home know that I have something on my mind when they see me in my comfort corner in the backyard.


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That is such a lovely concept. Having such a corner for yourself in a the backyard, surrounded by plants and trees is a nice way to relax and think things over. It must be quite restful for you and a great way to relieve stress.


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Is your corner of the garden a place where you think nasty things about the people in your house? That's an interesting place you have. I have arranged my corner differently, but I went to I like hedges and curtain walls. Loose hedges of lush shrubs planted along the borders of the lot create a relaxed image of an old garden as if feral. The image that many aspire to is "design without design." Sprawling masses of shrubs were a popular technique with landscape, "English" park creators, which is why I like this image of a street corner so much.
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