Making your own fruit juice or shake


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It is summer here and the fruits in season like the watermelon and mango are good for making juice or shake. All you need is crushed ice and some sugar. Use a blender to crush the ice together with the sliced fruits of your choice. Add some sugar and run the blender again to get the taste of a real shake. For fruit juice do not add sugar to get the natural taste of the fruit. Watermelon juice is nice to drink with ice.
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I like making fruit juice too. I like adding some small chopped beetroot to get the pink color. It is always delicious.

Is that how a shake is made? It makes me think that is much consumption of sugar.


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I make watermelon juice with a little bit of black pepper and black salt added to it. It tastes very delicious and has a tangy flavour. While making grape juice, I add a few sprigs of mint to it with some black salt.


Hello, I'd rather make my fruit juices instead of purchasing from local vendors. While I am not against small and medium enterprises, I know that it is cheaper to make the juices from a personal experience. I used to spend around $2 daily on juices and fruits. However, I realized that a blender is the best investment one can make. These days, I typically go to my local fruit market and I am able to get numerous fruits cheaply. I then keep these in my fridge and I can always make the fruit juice on demand. Besides, I like it as I am able to put the ingredients I want.

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