Money makes the world go round


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I have noticed that when I started to expose my wealth to my friends, I have gained a lot of best friends. They check on me often and they regularly say they love me. It is unfortunate that I can feel the lack of sincerity and they wanted to be close to me because of my generosity. I have been giving some of my friends financial help and that made them cling to me. Now I am starting to put a distance between me and the friends that do not deserve me. Wish me luck. .


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I have also seen some friends who are like that but I there are also genuine people out here. Sometimes people really don't want to associate with unsuccessful people and people who are poor. I feel like if you notice your friends aren't genuine just take a step back and maintain a distance from them. I don't mean cutting them off but Just limiting how close they are to your life. Most probably your friends are not on the same level as you financially and that's why you feel like you are giving out much. I think if you have friends who are at the same financial status as you, you won't experience such things as that.

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