More physical activities for the mental health


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A doctor said that we need the physical activities not only for the physical fitness but also for the mental fitness. Maybe I can agree to that because whenever I would get physically tired my mind would somehow be relaxed especially after resting. When I am idle for the whole day I could feel that my mind is empty. Maybe it is also the sense of accomplishment that when we clean the house we feel something good that we have done.


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Mental health is directly related to your lifestyle and physical activity. During exercise, the body produces hormones that affect our mood and condition in general. I have been involved in professional sports for about four years, and I believe it directly impacts my mental health. Unfortunately, my training stopped for a while because of an injury. Now I am undergoing treatment and attending physiotherapy. Physiotherapy helps my joints and bones to recover and start working to their full potential. I visit It specializes in physical therapy treatments that help people recover from the most difficult injuries.
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