Natural spices Vs processed ones


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We use natural spices in my home.
When compared to processed ones, they are cheaper and fresh.

For example, you can use tomatoes instead of tomato paste, fresh ginger instead of processed powdered ginger and fresh parsley or peppers instead of the powdered ones sold in stores.

I know some fresh products are not always in season for some people. A friend told me that they use tomato paste when tomatoes are not in season. That is understandable.

What about you? Do you prefer natural spices or processed ones?


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Speaking of tomatoes there are dishes that use the tomato sauce which is very handy. One example is the spaghetti sauce which has the tomato sauce for the base. I have to admit that I use the tomato sauce of the spaghetti. But for other dishes that need tomato sauce I use the red tomato instead because that is more natural. Some house guests would be surprised to know that real tomato tastes better than the one in the packet.


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Using natural spices can definitely add a fresh and vibrant flavor to your dishes! Also, while using fresh spices is ideal, there are times when using processed versions can be convenient, especially when certain ingredients are out of season. It's all about finding the right balance that works for you and your cooking needs.

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