No more musical records to buy


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Music is now in streaming fashion from the internet. Gone are the record bars in the mall where they sell the album of songs. But since the internet is replete with all kinds of downloads it makes me wonder if people still subscribe when they can search for a free download of songs that they like. How about you, are your collection of songs bought or just for free?


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I have stopped buying CDs and DVDs now as I can listen to my favorite music on the internet any time now. Long ago, we had no option but to buy cassettes to listen to music. A few years back, I had to just dump my whole collection of cassettes in the trash as the cassette player no longer worked and could not be repaired. Same thing will happen with CDs and DVDs now. So I no longer collect them. Youtube is a great place where you can just find any kind of music you like.


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My collection of songs are just for free. I've only bought a song album once in highschool to support some local artist and I still have their CD. My parents used to buy CD songs years ago but the CDs are not in good condition and so we can't listen anymore. I prefer getting free songs.

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Before I had music in cassette tape and some were in CDs and DVDs. When they're very popular. Since my players were destroyed I threw them away and regretted later that those things could copy to computer for storage thru a converter.

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