No need to wear face mask in gatherings?


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It seems that the face mask is a rarity during occasions. In videos of the rally of candidates for the presidential elections I have seen that they are not wearing face masks anymore. Think of the people who are standing side by side in that rally, there are thousands of them. If one has covid then the contamination would be on a very high degree. It makes me shiver to see such a sight. I hope people would stick to their senses.


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Now that the epidemic is dying down where I live, more and more people have stopped wearing masks. When I go out for daily walks, even I have stopped wearing them. I only wear the mask when out in the market or other crowded places.


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It is the same in my country. Since the mask mandate was lifted, everyone stopped wearing masks. I also don't wear when I go out but I always carry a mask and wear it in public transport and also in the church or a place with many people.

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