No pension if you get fired


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I used to work in a pension department at the National Treasury in my town in 2016.

There was a case about someone's retirement file getting lost. The investigation was done and it was last seen in a man's office where other files have to pass before they get to the next office for dispatch.

This case was taken to court and this man lost his job because he could not explain how the file got lost. In addition, he was not entitled to any pension because he lost his job. He was a senior and was about to retire until this calamity befell him.

Do people lose a right to pension when they get fired in your country?


In most companies/ places of work, in the country that I live in, anyone dismissed from duty before the retirement time, automatically fails to receive pension and other benefits.


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That case is one problem if you are working in the government office. You can lose your pension and even your right to work again if you get involved in a fiasco or anomaly. Working in a private office is safe. You can build up your pension with the Social Security and when you turn 60 you can receive a pension just like what I am having now. The pension is not much but that is a good consolation to think that I have an income somehow. The pension can buy me my personal needs.

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