Our dog has no appetite... or just moody?


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Our small white dog that we call Barbie is having a problem with the appetite. It is difficult for us to make her eat. But our housemaid has her way. She puts some bits of milky stick - our dogs love the milky stick. However, I am a bit worried that it may be a virus or something. Our maid reasoned that if Barbie is sick then she would not eat no matter what we put in the food. Okay. Now we are observing Barbie because she had lost 10 pounds. Fortunately last night we weighed her and she gained 1 pound. That is a good progress.


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The best thing is to take her to the vetinary doctor for proper check up. It could be an illness and it may get worse over time. It's hard to understand since they can't communicate what's wrong and all that.

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