Pizza roll for a nice snack


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We made pizza roll today for our afternoon snack and the leftover will be for our dinner. The ingredients are sliced bread, tomato paste, sliced cheese, green bell pepper strips, egg and bread crumbs. The main ingredient is sweet ham cut in half.

Procedure: Flatten the sliced bread with a rolling pin before applying the tomato paste. Place the ham on the bread plus the cheese stick and bell pepper strip. Roll the bread so the ingredients would be the filling. Heat the pot with cooking oil. Roll the pizza on the beaten egg then roll it again on a plate with bread crumbs before frying. harvest when the bread turns brown. Nice to eat with hot sauce and Coke.

DSC00117 pizza roll.JPG


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The rolls look indeed so tempting and delicious. I will try this next time I buy bread. I make my own pizza sauce at home and usually buy the base for it. Next time, I won't buy the base.


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I would buy this kind of dish in a hotel since it won't be easy to get the ingredients now and I also need to practically watch a video of this before I can cook it too. Thank you.

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