Renting a car when going abroad


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My American uncle always rents a car when he comes for a vacation in our country. For a continuous one month of rental he pays for only 20 days which means he gets 10 days free. Not bad eh. I didn't know that rent-a-car companies have such kind of promo. A one day rent is expensive from $40 up to $80 depending on the type of car and if it is self-driven. With a driver, of course, it would be more expensive with the add-on charge.


When I travel to a foreign country, I do not stay in one city for more than 5 days. Therefore, I cannot rent for one month even if I may be entitled to discounts. I may not even rent for the number of days I will be staying in the city. I take a taxi as needed. I prefer to take mass transportation service in order to save money.

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