Renting a condominium unit


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From the people I know who own condominium units that they rent out, the pandemic had affected their investment. No tenants in sight. On the other hand, some potential tenants say that they cannot afford the high rent of the condo unit because their salary was affected by the lockdown. Indeed the covid virus has been making our life miserable whether you are a tenant or an owner.


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These are problems face by thousands in other countries as well. Now is the time when people should really not think of making profits and help each other out. If someone is not able to pay the previously agreed rent, then they should give some discounts until the renters can get back on their feet. Vice versa, even the renters should understand that the owners may have the rent as their only source of income and try to pay as much as they can. Taking care of each other is the need of the hour.

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