Reusing water as a way of frugal living


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When I was a child, we used to be taught in school about reusing water.

For example, after washing clothes, you can use that same water to wash the house or even shoes. The water for washing rice, potatoes and fruits can be used to water plants. You can also use the water you washed your clothes to pour in the toilet.

I know there are many companies that have equipments they can use in recycling water. But do you reuse water at home as a way of frugal living? Reusing water can help cut the cost of water bills too.


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That's it. They're the common reuses of used water. Thus, water conservation is adapted or being practiced.
Yes, but this kind of recycling is done only by those who like and maintain plants and are conscious about the water usage. Sadly, however, such people are few and not everyone does this.

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