Saving money for the occasion


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One way of saving money for grand occasions is in borrowing clothes. My cousin have done the borrowing of a gown from several persons. The last she borrowed was from my wife. Instead of buying a gown or having a gown made for her with the borrowing it has saved her a lot of money. To think that wearing a gown is just once so it is practical to just borrow a gown. That also applies to the guys with the coat.


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This is really a good way of saving money. I've never thought of it that way. I think another method is just to miss the occasion. I will consider getting myself a gown soon that I will keep so it can be only for grand occasions. Sometimes it might be had to get it by borrowing especially when you need it urgently.


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What your cousin is doing is doing is that she is just following something called as 'circular or shared economy'. It is a very practical and logical way to live economically without putting any burden on the environment.

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