Seared fish with lemon butter


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We bought a slab of tuna yesterday that I seared in the pan. Our housemaid said that the fish is better to be seared on charcoal. But that is making the work complicated. Using the pan to sear the fish is easier. Anyway, After the tuna slab was seared I poured the lemon butter instead of making it a dip. It is not gravy though but just a dip that is poured so all parts of the fish would have the lemon flavor. It is best to eat with rice.


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It really sounds delicious but I'm not sure about the additional lemon flavor.

I like eating fish especially when I cook it with tomatoes so I can enjoy the fish with the thick red soup. Fish with rice is delicious. I like fish with chips and fish with hard porridge.
I might try that one with lemon flavor in it in the near future.

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