Simple fried chicken drumsticks


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As I had posted in another thread my grade school classmates will come for a visit tomorrow. I am preparing our simple fried chicken drumsticks. It will be marinated with lemon and soy sauce for at least 30 minutes. Before putting in the pan it will be rolled in a plate of corn starch for a slight breading. The frying is until the skin gets crispy so it will be more enjoyable to the bite.


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Your grade school classmates will really enjoy the drumsticks especially if you served it with rice. I've eaten chicken drumsticks from KFC and the skin is always crispy with a delicious taste I can't describe.

I might try making them myself with how you described your recipe.


This sounds easy enough to make at home. As a matter of fact I have all those ingredients apart from the chicken but I can always buy that. Thanks for all these amazing recipes you keep posting.

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