Small indoor plants to brighten up the living room


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I am a gardener by passion but I am not fond of flowering and ornamental plants. But my wife wanted some potted plants inside our house. As a compromise the potted plants are there in the terrace. It is not good to have potted plants inside because the plant need sunlight so they have to spend a week inside and a week outside. That is a big chore. What if we forget to bring out the plants? Okay, the potted plants in the terrace has been there for years now.


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I've seen indoor plants in organizations I visited. And where they are placed, it is difficult for them to receive sunshine. And how they are placed is in a permanent set up.

We have never tried small indoor planting in my home and I know it's for the same reasons as the ones you shared.


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But there are plenty of plants especially meant for keeping indoors, they don't need direct sunlight and will grow well in indirect light or can be kept near windows. Some of them even don't need to be watered daily. They look really pretty such as varieties of the snake plants. I have a small one gifted to me and I just water it once in a week. I also have a pretty pothos that I have kept in the water in a bottle, the water has to be changed once a month, that's it.

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