Smaller tv screen in the bedroom


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When we bought the 40-inch tv for our living room it was great because it is more convenient for the eyes. After a year we bought a tv set for our bedroom to replace the 21-inch old model tv. My wife had wanted a bigger screen but not the 40 inches, that would be too big for our bedroom. I settled for the 32-inch screen which is just right. Not much glare for the eyes and not expensive either considering that a smaller tv set consumes lesser electricity.


It depends on the wall of your house, some want it filled with a large tv screen, while others do not want a very big tv. As long as the size is proportion to the wall it would look ok to be there.


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I personally feel that a television set is better left outside the bedroom because having it in the bedroom means giving in to the temptation of watching TV really late into the night and increased watching TV shows would also result in difficulty in relaxing and falling asleep. Of course, that is my opinion, others may not find it difficult to switch off their TV and relax immediately.


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Having a tv in your bedroom isn't necessary but if you can afford to do that why not. You can find some people usually get used to the bedroom TV and forget to use the living room TV unless they have guests in the house. But if you have the money I why not, you should live your life to the fullest.

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