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Even though I have a personal Facebook account, I rarely ever open it. In fact, I rarely socialize on social media as a whole. However, I sometimes use it for marketing purposes and even receiving/responding to messages once in a while. Are you an active social media user?


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I enjoy some of them like tiktok,instagram and whatsapp.I was so addicted my phone and this apps that i even forgot my social life.I guess it is because most of my childhood friends moved away.I also find it hard to make friends.


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I use Facebook and WhatsApp a lot, I mostly connect with personal friends and family only. I never accept requests from strangers. Over the years, while working on several forums, I have developed friendship with many people from around the world, now I am a part of a ladies group on the Facebook, we all met on a beauty forum and after that forum closed, we decided to keep contact with each other on the Facebook. I have never met any one of those ladies but we have a great friendship, we have good discussions, give each and receive encouragement and motivation in trying times. It is good to be able to connect virtually.


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I was active in Facebook because it is my main connection to the people in my circle particularly for those who are living abroad and far away places. But when tragedy struck on Oct 1 - my wife died of pneumonia - I seemed to have lost my desire to post in social media. It's been 2 weeks now that I had not posted and some friends are texting me if I am okay. Maybe I am not really okay because I am still emotionally upset.


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I used to do little social networking, but I began to get to grips with it when I launched my own startup. Now I am actively running a profile on Instagram. It's easy to set up ads there and find an audience. At first, you'll post according to the content plan. But after a while, you will have to adjust it. If you've tried different formats, experimented with, and tried different ways to engage subscribers, you should have some information on the results.
I've noticed that my audience likes stories on Instagram more, and I'm always looking for new content ideas

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Social media activity has increased dramatically in recent years. More and more people are using social media to connect with others and share information. This trend is likely to continue, as social media becomes more accessible and user-friendly. Most of the people are using it for marketing purposes. You can view more from this page about how to create content.

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