Stage play is dead in this pandemic era


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A long time friend who writes stage plays told me that stage play is not allowed since the start of the pandemic. That means it has been 2 years that stage actors, directors and producers have no income. It is sad that we had to control the crowd which can result in the loss of livelihood. Even the cinema is almost dead. It was open last December but come January the cinema is closed again due to the surge of covid cases. This pandemic had changed the landscape of our society that I hope we can go back to the normal life this year.


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I watch many drama online or offline old movies on PC. I download stuff of Recently I used to watch many old horror movies offline because it’s more convy in travelling when I can not get access to internet
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Even here the stage play is closed. I see the acrobat team doing acrobat on the road when cars stop then they get money donation on the roads from those who are driving. I have been seeing them since last year. Although I didn't ask them, I knew that they were doing that so they can get money to buy food. I think the place where they were doing acrobats on the stage for audiences is closed.

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