Staying in a hotel when we go abroad is the best vacation


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Whenever we would go abroad for a vacation my wife would book us in a hotel that is at least with a rating of 3 star. The complimentary breakfast is also a must because it is nice to wake up with the thought that breakfast is already being prepared in the restaurant of the hotel. However, the cost of the hotel is high and it is a luxury for us. After the pandemic I don't know if I can still travel abroad because my wife is already gone.


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I'm sure God will heal your wounds of losing a wife. And maybe if it's your desire to remarry, God will provide you another person of your age.

As you said, you don't know. But five years from now you will know because you need much more time to make such decisions about traveling abroad.


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Staying in a nice luxury hotel is indeed a great experience. I am sure you miss your wife a lot, but give it some time. You can join a senior's group or something similar where you can visit nice places abroad and have a good time, in her memory.

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