Substitute for rice


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They say that rice is the bane of the diet. When you want to lose weight you have to restrict your mouth of rice. But you still need carbohydrates that you get from rice because that is what gives you the energy. One nutritionist said that cassava is a good substitute for rice. It is quite heavy to the tummy but less to gain weight than rice. A friend did that. She was eating cassava for her meals for 2 months and the chaser is meat or egg. She lost 10 kilos in that span of dieting. I guess that is pretty good.


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I usually take casava once in a long while am used to rice. I also love rice and I will find it difficult to stop eating it, luckily am currently having a normal weight for my height. I choose to exercise and go to the gym if I want to stay in shape and loose weight plus rice is healthy compared to fast foods. You can cut all types of fast foods and start exercising to loose weight and eat rice once in a while.

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