Taking a hike for relaxation


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Usually the mention of hike gives an impression that the place is the mountain side or the forest. Take note that we can do some hiking even in a big park especially the park with plenty of trees. In one city here there is a park inside a big rotunda which has lot of trees and greenery. We would hike inside for 30 minutes and then take breakfast in the fast food inside. That's a good experience although I am not sure if that park is open in this pandemic era.


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We have a neighboring forest here that is next to state house where the president lives. I do go hiking in this forest. It remained open even during the pandemic.

The good thing is we can carry our own food and have a picnic in this forest. There are only small monkeys there and no wild animals.

It's fun hiking there and the entrance fee is only half a dollar.


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I really wish I could have some place to hike like the one you have mentioned. I would have gone hiking every single day there. However, I do have a hill close to where I live where I go walking occasionally. There are no large trees but in monsoons, the hill side is very green. However, the only thing that keeps me going regularly is large crowds of daily walkers and people using hilltop as cricket ground.

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