The beach resorts are now open but it remains risky


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The swimming pool resorts are still closed and the violators are being sanctioned by cancelling their license to operate. The main reason is the spread of covid in the swimming pool when there are many swimmers. But the beach resorts have been opened and operating after the new year. I think there is also the risk of spreading the covid virus if there is a swimmer in the beach who is positive. Some beach resorts here are crowded.

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You're right. Right now it's being reported that the spread of new virus variant is spreading like a wild fire. And new cases are reported everyday.

The government didn't learn much of controlling them. Imagine it's already almost three years but yet they couldn't contain it. They just mandated the people to wear facemask, faceshield, observe health protocols and be vaccinated but yet those people aren't not safe. They're still being caught by virus.

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