The bedbug is a big problem by cheap hotels


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There was a time that on a trip abroad we stayed in a not so nice hotel. It was cheaper than the usual 3-star hotels but it looked good. When we got home we didn't know that we were infected by bedbugs. Our bags may have eggs that hatched and invaded our home. It took us weeks before we were able to cleanse our home. Even our furniture in the living room needed a good washing. Be careful in choosing the hotel when you go on a trip.


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Bedbugs occur where there is no cleanliness and the conditions are damp and dirty. Cheap hotels are not taken care of well and you should generally avoid such places. But if you have to live in such places, make sure that you clean and disinfect all your clothes and belongings, leave them out in hot sun for few hours to kill any infestation and then only, start using those things again.

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I have been to several hotels to stay for a conferences but I never experienced the inconvenience of bedbugs.

Hotel rooms and beddings are Well-maintained.

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