The debut party is very important in our culture


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The debut party is when the girl turns 18. It is sad that my friend's daughter had her 18th birthday yesterday and there was no celebration except some special food at home. A debut party is a grand occasion with many guests. The main part of the program is when the girl would dance with 18 guys. That's a terrific moment for the debutante. Unfortunately parties are not allowed in their area so my friend couldn't hold a party for her eldest daughter.


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That sound interesting. I have read about it and also seen in numerous movies how the young girls are introduced at the debutante parties. I guess, it also means that the girls are encouraged to start dating from that time onwards.


So it is like a rite of passage, celebrating a girl's transition to womanhood? Similar to how in Mexico they have quinceañera when girls turn15 years old.

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