The extra spending is the culprit of having debts


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I had seen a post in Facebook about a debt that was not paid. The one who posted said that it is not good to lend money because it becomes a liability. That is true. When you lend money then you can consider it an extra expense. Of course, the borrower would say that he will pay you back. But the probability of that promise is not 100%. For the meantime, while your money is still out of your hands, that is a liability that you spent. That may sometimes cause the budget to wobble because of the extra expense in the form of lending.


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I hate lending out money especially to specific people. I don't know why people can be selfish in that they borrow you money knowing that you need it too but since you see that they need it more, you decide to offer a helping hand. The problem comes when it's time to payback, someone can take you in circles and asking for your money back sound like an offence to them.

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