The grapes and the raisins are risky for dogs


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It may surprise you that giving the dog grapes and raisins can affect their kidney. I don't have proof of this but several dog breeders and even all the vets that I have met attest to that issue. Do not give grapes or raisins to your dog otherwise the kidney may suffer. I remember when we had our first dog. I was giving it some grapes whenever I would be eating grapes. But now we are very careful about grapes and raisins.


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I think there are many other edible foods that are not good for dogs. Grapes is just one of them. Dog lovers will need to do more research to be completely safe.


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I think too much sugar in the grapes and raisins might affect the kidneys in them. Anyway, dogs are carnivorous animals and anything sweet is just not their natural food so they should not be fed such. But people seem to lack understanding as one of the persons I knew used to feed her dog with orange juice and sweetened tea.

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