The hotel suite is very expensive


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As I had posted about my impending trip to Baguio City I have learned that we are staying in a hotel suite. Whoa, that's very expensive courtesy of my nephew who has a good job. To be honest, this is the first time that I would experience a hotel suite and that got me excited. The lure of the place is actually the tourist spots all around the city. That means we are only staying in the hotel for sleeping.


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Enjoy your stay there. You can keep us updated of what happened there after you are back.

It would be better if you reply here instead of having four threads of the same topic and story.

Anyway, I've never stayed in a hotel suite before but maybe I will soon.


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Now everything is more expensive, not only hotels, that's why we always have to look for options to save money. Before planning a vacation, I look for hotel deals coupons with good offers, up to 10% discount. And most of the time, I find it. Now I plan my vacation in Spain; I have already booked my hotel. I plan to stay here for two weeks, to explore a few cities, including Barcelona. And maybe in August, I will arrive in Italy. I have a good friend who wants me to visit him, so I will not worry about accommodation.

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