The ideal investment for a pensioner


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A younger person who is planning for his retirement can decide on an investment to augment the pension in the future. One neighbor's daughter who is around 40 years old had built an apartment of 4 units. It is not a big apartment and the units are 1 bedroom only are rented at 7,000 pesos per month. The 4 units earn a monthly 28,000 pesos which is about $500. That's a pretty good investment because when she retires the rent would go up in stride with the inflation aside from the increasing value of the property. Actually that is my dream for retirement. It's just unfortunate that my budget was not enough to buy a lot and build an apartment like that. I guess that daughter will be well off when she retires and would have financial freedom.


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I'm really glad I'm on this forum because the experiences shared here will help me invest early before I wait to retire.

The story you shared is a very good example only when things turn out as the investor planned.

Although the future will always remain uncertain to us whether we invest or not.

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