The mobile gaming is an interruption to the studies of the kids


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I took a cab today and the driver lamented his son's addiction to mobile gaming. It is using the phone for the internet connection that they can play with a team. Isn't it fun to be playing with others who are also connected? That is the concept of mobile gaming. The playing would be for hours so you can easily see the obvious that students are wasting their time instead of doing their homework. Now that is a big issue to me.


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That is the complaint of almost all parents nowadays. Teh trick is to introduce kids to reading and some other fruitful hobby at a young age so they do not need to play video games all the time.


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Hi. You know, gaming is actually a controversial issue. So, it has 2 sides of a coin. On the one hand, gaming units children, so they can have some interests in common. They can make friends via gaming. Btw, games also develop our children. If you have a FIFA 22 PS4 Account, you understand that this game develops your strategy part of the mindset. On the other hand, gaming can become an addiction, and that’s where parents should interrupt their children from playing. So, IMO parents shouldn’t forbid children to play games, but they should interrupt the kids if they play too much.
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