The morning breakfast of cereal and oats


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A friend who is health-conscious is eating only cereal or oats in the morning. He is betting that the oats and cereal would give him a longer longevity. But is that the only factor for long life, the breakfast of oats and cereals? It reminds me of Muesli, the mix of cereal and fruits in the morning. An avid eater of muesli died of a disease. I don't think longevity depends on one factor alone or even on multiple factors. Longevity is about the whole thing that includes diet, physical activity and so many other factors in life.


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It's good to watch your health by eating healthy foods but it's also good to eat other delicious stuff once in awhile. I mean eggs, bacon, sandwich and other nice meals can be taken for breakfast also. Plus you never know how you will die it might not be because of health issues , it may be an accident or something. Just live a healthy life but treat yourself once in a while to something different that's nice and delicious.

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