The schooling of the children is the priority


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I have noticed that the middle class families here give priority to the studies of their children. They try to spend more so that their children would be given entry to popular and nice schools no matter the expense. But the poor families seem to give priority to their food and maybe to their vices like gambling or smoking or drinking. That may be the main reason why the poor families remain to be poor after the years of hardship. Their kids would grow up and go abroad to have a high-paying job.


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Thats true that poor families most of the time take their kids to cheap school but I understand them since they don't have the money. It would be bad if a parent had enough money but took their kids to a bad school but for them I can understand. For that part where you said the poor remain being poor it doesn't to apply to all poor people. Sometimes its because you grow up in such an environment and you dont get enough exposure to know things that can be relevant and all that. But there are still people who manage to make it from their poor background because of their mindset and hard work.


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You're totally right, it's interesting how priorities differ based on circumstances. Education seems like a big ticket for middle-class families, investing in a brighter future. But yeah, it's tough for lower-income families with immediate needs and temptations. Hope things change for them eventually.

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