The smart tv is very expensive


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I was browsing in the appliance store for a tv set that I will give to a friend. The sales attendant showed me the smart tv which is a tv that can be used like a tablet. Yes, it can be directly connected to the internet and it will act as the monitor like the screen of the phone. However, the price of the smart tv is more than double the price of the regular tv set. Gee, why would I buy a smart tv when I can access the internet with my computer and my phone?


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Many people do buy them because they try to keep up with the trend, and some because to them it's cheap and they don't think it's expensive because they are very rich. I have seen smart TVs and they are good because you can control what you want to watch and when you want to see your favorite shows.


One of my friends got a 32" android smart tv very cheap. But then again it was one of those '50% OFF' offers. I think I will save up some money and do the same thing.


It depends with the brand and where you are purchasing it. Some smart TV are very cheap, and one can easily acquire.

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