The tamarind for flavoring the soup


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In our culinary culture we use the green tamarind for flavoring the soup. It can be pork or beef but usually the poor families have the fish for the tamarind soup. The cooking includes tropical vegetables like okra, radish and kangkong which is the water hyacinth. For those living in the temperate zone you can get a taste of the tamarind flavor by buying the flavoring cube that is in a sachet.


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Here, most people use the Royce cubes for flavoring the soup. It is made from crushing dried vegetables and spices into powder and then made into cubes and packed.

Although I don't like them. I like natural spices for flavoring the soup or just salt.


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I like ripe tamarind just like that, its sour and slightly sweet. We use ripe tamarind to prepare a variety of chutneys and sauces and also to season curries and vegetable preparations. We also use green tamarinds to prepare chutneys. Young women and children like to eat green tamarind seasoned with little salt and red chilly powder.

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