The time deposit earns higher interest rate than the regular deposit


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I recently succumbed to the invitation of the bank's supervisor who offered me a special deposit that would earn 4% interest. That's pretty small compared to the profits that I earn in stocks. But for a favor to the bank supervisor I deposited $20,000 for 6 months. That is actually nice because the earned interest will be deposited to my ATM account which is very convenient. Now I am thinking of depositing more. Maybe it is also a good investment other than the stocks.


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It's good to hear that you've taken advantage of a special deposit offer at your bank. While the 4% interest rate may be smaller compared to your stock profits, it's still a reliable and convenient option. Considering depositing more funds can be a wise decision, as it diversifies your investments beyond stocks. Make sure to carefully evaluate the potential returns and risks before making any further deposits.

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